Natuzzi has chosen the trulli owned by local people recently subjected to the participation of recovery and valorization managed by finepro srl in order to represent its project “Revive Disconnection Area”.

Natuzzi Revive has set in the exclusive out of time atmosphere of the Trulli di Alberobello some armchairs that allow to disconnect from the external world and to reconnect with the inner self, giving a wide sense of well-being.

This area of personal logoff is a part of the attractions of the Alberobello Light Festival (from the 4 July to 2 August), a rich event of initiatives that animate the splendid historical centre of Alberobello, patrimony of the Unesco. All heritage evenings, cluster of light color the conical roofs of the trulli, creating an unequalled atmosphere made more singular from the Natuzzi facilities.