arch. Michele Sgobba


Graduated in architecture at the University Institute of Architecture of Venice with the highest grades and subsequent publication of the dissertation, he is always ready to face new challenges and open to the continuous changes of the engineering and architecture world.

He has the experience of 30 years, of meetings with buyers, colleagues and enterprises; from 2002 he has been part of finepro srl, of which he is founding associate, legal representative and technical manager director.

He has been, in successive stages, member of the Regional Planning Committee and has coordinated and realized programs for the urban and territorial development that obtained important national and regional recognitions such as the URBAN plan of Mola di Bari (winner of a national selection organised from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport), the PRUSST of Valle d’Itria e terre delle gravine e del nord barese ofantino (classified at the first places of a selection carried out from the ministry of infrastructure) and the urban re-qualification of the municipalities of Barletta, Trani, Foggia, Corato and Monopoli (classified at the first places of public regional selections).

The professional experience and the received awards helped finepro to expand its activities and gain in confidence of public and private clients.

At present his career goes hand in hand with the management and organization of a complex company, innovative and professional such as finepro, which expansion represents a challenge for the present and a goal for the future.